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Non-Guided Saltwater Package


YOU will fish for rod-busting King Salmon, reel-screaming Coho Salmon and barn-door Halibut. This will be done on the inside ocean, within 12 miles of the dock. These are protected waters with barrier islands between you and open ocean. We will supply you with a VHF radio and nautical charts. The boats have outboards, downriggers, and a depth finder/GPS. Before you head out we will inform you as to where fish are being caught.

Some people choose to do a charter the first day and then head out on their own. You have that option but it needs to be booked in advance. We will also show you where and how to set crab pots. This pays off at the dinner table.

The boats are large enough to handle three people, but no more than that. Even inside waters can kick up and we want you to be safe. Adventure activities can also be mixed with your fishing, just let us know so we can book it. Look up Alaska Reality Adventures for a list of these other activities.

Your Non-Guided Fishing Package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your Sea Side Suite or Log Home (or Rustic Beach Cabin at a lower price)
  • Skiff and outboard, with net, fish finder-GPS and rods (gas and bait are not included)
  • Continental breakfast & a sack lunch to take out in the boat
  • Transportation to a restaurant for dinner, if desired
  • Transportation from Ketchikan by air and your return by ferry
  • NOT INCLUDED: Fishing License, skiff gas, and your evening meals

If you are serious about fishing, then Alaska's Prince of Wales Island should be your destination. A huge advantage of this choice is that there are NO LARGE TOWNS anywhere close, thus less competition. We are the home of Earth Friendly Untamed wilderness.

Fishing Schedule Fishing the Prince of Wales allows you to target all five species of Pacific Salmon, plus during the same day you can fish for Halibut, Ling Cod and Red Snapper. At Log Cabin Resort (AT NO EXTRA CHARGE) you can set and pull crab and shrimp pots. ALL OF THIS PAYS OFF AT THE DINNER TABLE.

Unless the President changes it, this is when various species have been showing up around the Prince of Wales for the last few thousand years.

Remember, this is YOUR vacation. YOU call the shots. If YOU would like to mix other activities with fishing, or do an adventure type activity, just say so. We work for YOU!

Book YOUR stay or call with questions:

10% Discount for active military people and children under 12.


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